Welcome to the FINN Read the Docs website!

What is FINN?


‘FINN’ is colloquially used to refer to two separate but highly related things:

  • The FINN project, which is an experimental framework from Xilinx Research Labs to explore deep neural network inference on FPGAs. It specifically targets quantized neural networks (QNNs), with emphasis on generating dataflow-style architectures customized for each network. The key components are illustrated in the figure above; including tools for training quantized neural networks (Brevitas), the FINN compiler, and the finn-hlslib Vivado HLS library of FPGA components for QNNs. Read more on the FINN project homepage.
  • The FINN compiler, which this Read the Docs website is the documentation for. The compiler is a central part of the FINN project (above) that maps QNNs to dataflow-style FPGA architectures. You can find the FINN compiler in this GitHub repository.