Example Networks

Please visit the finn-examples repository. This repo includes prebuilt bitfiles for various PYNQ and Alveo platforms, as well as the scripts to rebuild these examples using the FINN compiler.

End-to-end Integration tests

The FINN compiler uses several pre-trained QNNs that serve as both examples and testcases.

  • TFC, SFC, LFC… are fully-connected networks trained on the MNIST dataset
  • CNV is a convolutional network trained on the CIFAR-10 dataset
  • w_a_ refers to the quantization used for the weights (w) and activations (a) in bits

These networks are built end-to-end as part of the FINN integration tests , and the key performance indicators (FPGA resource, frames per second…) are automatically posted to the dashboard below. To implement a new network, you can use the integration test code as a starting point, as well as the relevant Jupyter notebooks.